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Can I mix and match my formats?Updated 24 days ago


KODAK Digitizing Box is designed for you to be able to tailor the ordering process to exactly what you want. 

Mixing and matching your items is easy! Each KODAK Digitizing Box is pre-paid for a certain number of items, and you can send in any combination of items, no matter what they are. To give you the flexibility to send a wide variety of items in your KODAK Digitizing Box, we covered all the bases.

An item can be:

  • 1 videotape
  • 1 film reel (any size up to 10.5 inches)
  • 1 audio reel (any size up to 10.5 inches)
  • 1 audio cassette
  • 1 set of 25 photo prints (any size up to 8.5 x 11 inches)
  • 1 set of 25 slides 
  • 1 set of 25 negatives (standard 35mm)

Each KODAK Digitizing Box holds a different number of items:

  • 2 Item KODAK Digitizing Box
  • 10 Item KODAK Digitizing Box
  • 20 Item KODAK Digitizing Box
  • 40 Item KODAK Digitizing Box

Of course, if you want to send in a few extra items, we include additional barcodes in your KODAK Digitizing Box, giving you the ability to tailor your order to fit your needs.

If you're ready to order, just head on over to https://kodakdigitizing.com/pages/pricing to get started!

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